SS USRFB1-1101

Fall restraint kits for aerial work platforms, scaffolders, roofers and climbers.
This kit allows freedom of movement in various rooftop
scenarios, maintaining safety and security while working at height.

This kit incorporates an anchor for use on wooden truss structures that, together with the harness and other equipment help to provide a full PPE roof top solution. The Harness also has front attachment points to allow attachment to vertical fall arrest systems or for rescue purposes .

SKU: SS USRFB1-1101.


  • Lightweight U1101 harness
  • 50′ poly-dac vertical lifeline
  • 3′ shock absorbing lanyard with 3/4″ double locking snap hook
  • Steel alloy rope grab
  • Reusable hinged roof anchor
  • Packaged in a 5 gallon bucket for convenient storage
  • ANSI Compliant