RAD FP70-B500

Radians innovative dispensers for disposable foam earplugs provide quick and easy access to earplugs, which will help increase worker compliance. The patented 360 degree bi-directional rotating funnel allows workers to conveniently to get one pair at a time, providing a more hygienic solution to hearing protection, and less waste of earplugs.   Easy to mount and refill with your choice of Radians Made in the USA foam earplugs.

SKU: RAD FP70-B500.


  • Plastic, Countertop Design.
  • Slim Vertical Orientation.
  • Variable Mounting Bracket.
  • Hygienic Solution.
  • Helps with Worker Compliance.
  • Patented 360 degree Bi-Rotational Dispenser Funner.
  • Refillable with Made in USA Foam Earplugs.
  • Available in 250 pair or 500 pair options.
    FP70-B500 – Bulk Bag 500 Pair – Resistor™ FP70 – NRR 32